Photography by: Kalyn Michele Photography

Well first off, my name is Meg and I created this page because of my love of cooking, nurturing and making my family and friends happy with great food. I had a lot inspiration in my life starting with my mother and grandmother, who are both excellent cooks, and through my moms two closest friends, who always cooked amazing dishes and hosted beautiful events for friends and family.

I married into a family of food lovers as well. My husband is one of my biggest inspirations. He taught me the secrets of baking and how to decorate a cake without pulling my hair out. He also makes great Mexican dishes. But most importantly, he taught me the love of food.

I also pull inspiration from my friends, who always go the extra mile to cook the greatest meals, bake amazing cakes and throw the most incredible parties. Or just cook for you when you need help putting a warm meal on the table.

And last but not least, I have also been influenced by my 2 year old daughter.Through cooking for her I have realized that what we feed ourselves, and the quality and freshness of the food, is essential to feel great and be healthy.

Not only is the food itself important to me but also the way it is served. Even if it’s only a dinner that I serve to our small family on a Monday night, it has to be special. I have learned from my mother that adding a bit of garnish to the dish can make it look much more appealing.

My recipes are influenced by my Polish heritage, my husband’s American heritage, our countless travels around the world and from living in so many different places. A multicultural mix of foods and flavors. Enjoy!