Lunch · Mains

Vegetable Chili

I have been cooking this chili for a few years now and I love it so much and my family does too ( even the absolutely carnivore husband). I have given the recipe to friends that have been asking about it and finally it made to my blog. It’s quick it’s delicious and satisfying.



(Serves 4)

200 g red lentils

2 cans chopppes tomatoes

1 red pepper chopped in small pieces

1 celery stalk cut in small pieces

2-3 carrots sliced

1 can red beans

1 piece of ginger(about. 3 cm)

1 red onion chopped

5 garlic cloves

200 ml water

1 Tbsp cumin/ 1 tsp cinnamon / / 1 Tbsp oregano

olive oil

serve with: sour cream or yoghurt /fresh cilantro/

lime wedges and/or over rice

  • In a big pot, best with a thick bottom, heat the oil. Put in the onion, squeeze in the garlic, put in slices of ginger and cumin, sauté for a few min.
  • Put in all the vegetables, carrots, celery, pepper. Add the tomatoes, lentils, beans and pour the water over it. add the oregano, cinnamon, salt and pepper to taste Cook about 20 min or until the lentils are tender.
  • Serve with tortilla chips, sour cream (yoghurt), fresh cilantro and lime wedges and/ or over rice.



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