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Tine‘s Green Asparagus Salad

For my green asparagus lovers! My dear friend Tine who is a vegetarian always gives me new ideas for preparing delicious meat-free meals. I added the shrimp to have some protein, but you can enjoy it by itself or as a side, cold or warm. Ingredients  (Serves 1) 250 g green asparagus 150 g shrimp… Continue reading Tine‘s Green Asparagus Salad

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Bread Braids With Garlic and Herbs de Provence

  Ingredients (Makes 4-6) 125 g all-purpose flour 125 g whole wheat flour  25 g fresh yeast  150 ml warm water  1 Tbsp sugar  1 tsp salt 1/4 cups olive oil  2 garlic cloves (pressed)  1 tsp herbs de Provence  Put the yeast in a small bowl and cover with sugar. Wait a few minutes… Continue reading Bread Braids With Garlic and Herbs de Provence

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Lemon Cupcakes

Spring is here! This recipe was a little more work than a simple cupcake recipe, but it was so worth it; they taste heavenly!Ingredients1 1/2 cups flour1 1/2 tsp baking powder115 g butter 3/4 cup sugar2 eggs Lemon zest from 2 lemons1 Tbsp lemon juice (fresh)1/2 cup plain yogurt Frosting230 g unsalted butter 3 cups powdered sugar pinch of salt 150… Continue reading Lemon Cupcakes